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May 18, 2010

newborn photography checklist

Truth be told, I haven’t shot that many newborn pictures since I started my little photography blog.  It’s really hard to find the right subjects as I don’t really know anyone pregnant or about to pop out a little darling (ahem, Kristin please feel free to let sweet pea debut her sweet little cheeks any day now because I am dying to take her pictures!).

That being said, with what little experience I do have I’ve made a handy little checklist to take on location for newborn photography shoots.  Anyone is welcome to download and use it for their own personal use 🙂   I explain the checklist in detail below.
Download the pdf version of the newborn photography checklist here.

Newborn Photography Checklist & Tips

  1. Space heater – this is crucial!  Trust me on this one that if you try to take the clothes off the baby in a room that isn’t exceptionally warm, baby will scream its head off.  Get the room nice and toasty.  You’ll know it’s the right temperature when you can’t stop sweating.
  2. Blankets – pretty ones for props and backgrounds, make sure they are washable because see #10.
  3. Baskets – good props to make the photo interesting
  4. Bean bag – this is used usually under the blanket to help prop the baby and getting them into the position  you want them.  This is how photographers achieve the babies propped up on their elbows.
  5. Other unique props – be creative!  Think baby cocoons, milk crates, etc!
  6. Infant hat – usually because the baby is so new (1-2 weeks old is best) they still have a cone-shaped head.  No biggy, you can hide this with cute knit hats.
  7. Large aperature lens – the bigger the aperature (the smaller the number) is my favorite lens to use.  Just a personal preference…decide what lens you want to use for yourself!
  8. White/black backdrops – They create lovely, nondistracting backdrops where the baby is the focus and not the clutter in the background.  You can buy black or white sheets for this.
  9. iPod with speakers – I’ve learned that babies actually like noise and someone gave me a tip that if you play white noise on repeat like a sound machine it helps the baby fall asleep (and stay asleep) during the shoot.
  10. Baby wipes/paper towels – most new parents will have an abundance of baby wipes nearby, and it’s good to have some close because I guarantee that if you are photographing baby in the nude it will pee (multiple times).
  11. Extra battery – this is just good practice to have a backup.
  12. Extra memory card – same reason as having an extra battery!

The rest of the space you can use to write down your own reminders of what you need to bring!  Good luck!

  1. Anonymous

    April 3rd, 2012 at 3:46 pm

    thankyou!this is a great help!

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