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June 24, 2015

How to Prepare for Your Maternity Session

One of my favorite types of images to capture are maternity sessions.  There’s something about that expectant mother’s glow and the father’s excitement that really inspires and delights me.  And it only seems right to document this celebratory moment whether it’s your first, second or 15th child.

How to Prepare for Your Maternity Session

I tell all my expectant moms that I want this to be the most relaxed, easy and fun experience for them.  And hopefully, when we’re done you’ll leave feeling the most beautiful you’ve ever felt.

Here are a few of my tips in preparation of your session:

  • Schedule your shoot around 28-34 weeks.  I find that this is the best time because you definitely have a noticeable bump, but you aren’t terrible uncomfortable or dealing with swelling yet (hopefully!).
  • Bring props.  I want the session to be completely personal and meaningful to you, so feel free to bring those cute booties you’ve been saving, a homemade blanket for the baby, the first sonogram, your childhood nursery books or anything else of significance that we can incorporate into your pictures.  There is no limit on what you can bring!
  • Loosen up.  About 2-3 hours before your session, please remove anything tight around your belly that will leave indentation marks (especially for those bare belly shots).  I recommend wearing loose clothing before the shoot.
  • Feed that belly.  Right before the shoot, have a light snack.  We don’t want you starving or cranky during your session!
  • Make-up and Hair.  I recommend that all make-up be light and natural.  Your hair should also be fixed so that you are comfortable with it.  You want to look your best, but also not too overdone.  If you’re going to invest in a maternity session, I would suggest investing in a professional hair/makeup session as well.  These pictures last a lifetime and you definitely want to look your best.
  • Clothing.  You can bring as many outfits as you want, but I would suggest only 2-3 because a typical maternity shoot only lasts an hour and you don’t want to waste time getting in and out of outfits when you could be shooting.  I also suggest that the clothing be form-fitting on the belly, i.e. dresses with empire waists, maxi-dresses, wraps.  Avoid billowy, tent-like tops that are not flattering. Bring accessories, like jewelry, hats, scarves, etc.  I’m happy to help style and give advice beforehand or on the day of the shoot.  I also have a stunning chiffon maternity gown that I lend to all my expectant mama’s on the day of their shoot.  This gorgeous gown splits in the front and exposes that glowing baby bump in a beautiful, tasteful way.  I know some mama’s might be hesitant to become that vulnerable in showing some skin, but the best piece of advice I can give you is TO DO IT.  You won’t regret it. You will walk away from the experience never feeling so beautiful, I promise 🙂
  • Incorporate the husband/siblings.  I love it when the whole family gets to get in on it!  Don’t hesitate to bring your hubby, your other children, or even other family members!  The more the merrier!  As long as it doesn’t stress you out, I say go for it!


How to Prepare for Your Maternity SessionHow to Prepare for Your Maternity Session

How to Prepare for Your Maternity Session

So, that’s it!  My easy, simple tips for creating the best maternity experience possible 🙂  Any other mama’s out there that agree/disagree?  I’d love to hear your feedback or suggestions!

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