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December 19, 2016

Breanna Bell Photography | 2017 Goals


Continuing with the #bloomIGchallenge, I thought I would share my goals for the year ahead!  It’s exciting to me to map out my plan of action (I’m a big ‘ole geek about planning) and based on what’s worked in the past, I think I have a solid plan of action for next year!  Plus, if I put it down on paper I’m more liable to hold myself accountable.

My dreams for 2017 include:

Objective #1: Book 30 sessions.
I don’t know if I can handle any more than that, quite honestly.  As a Michigander and held to the mercy of our tempestuous weather, my busy season is from May until October – that’s just 6 months of shooting time.  So 30 sessions for a girl with a family, a full-time job and a part-time passion is a lot.  But I know I can do it!

Objective #2: Do a destination wedding.
Um, this makes me nervous to type out.  I’ve harbored this dream for awhile, but didn’t think it was realistic.  Well folks, if I don’t put it out there the universe might never respond.  So here it is.  I want to travel and document someone’s epic love story.  Whether in the continental US or abroad (even better) I’m officially putting it out there.  If you know of a worthy couple looking to elope, send them my way and I’ll make a sweet deal for them!

Objective #3: Attend a workshop in 2017.
I’m still figuring out what type of workshop I want to attend or invest in.  I’m leaning towards a wedding themed one.

Objective #4: Blog once a week. 
I’m not a writer.  That’s 52 blog posts in one year.  Yikess, this one will be a stretch for me.

Objective #5: Increase my social media presence and audience.
I love Instagram, so my goal is to get 1000 followers by end of next year!

Objective #6: Get published!
It would be awesome to see my work get published again!  And now that I’ve got one under my belt, I feel confident in doing another one.

Objective #7: Go film.
I would love to offer my clients a hybrid experience of both film and digital for 2017 sessions.

Objective #8:  Give back.
I’m ashamed to say that in the 5 years I’ve been doing this professionally, this has never once been on my list of goals and objectives.  Wtf, Breanna.  I’m not sure if it’s because I’m a little bit older now, or because I’m a mom, but I want to give back to this world – to put a little good into it so that it makes a better place for my baby.  I don’t know, I can’t explain it, but it’s on my radar.  I don’t know quite yet what that means for me or how I can achieve this, but it’s something that I’ve given to God and asked for the opportunity to show itself to me.  What are my talents and gifts if not shared and used for His glory?

Well, this girl has dreams and I’m excited to see what the feature holds.  As 2016 closes, I’m incredibly grateful for the wonderful clients I met and served.  It has been a privilege and honor to capture your family’s precious memories – and here’s to 2017!!!!

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